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If you want to make your home tasteful, forget the conventional places for placing lamps! Except traditional lamps, you can add a number of other luminaries to highlight the style and design of your home. To help you cope with this difficult task, we have prepared 10 interesting decorations that you can make with LED lighting.

LED decoracii

LED strip around the bed
We will continue with the interesting applications of LED lamps and will offer you to attach a LED strip at the bottom edge of your bed. You’ll be surprised how beautiful the result will be! Another positive feature of such illumination is that if you get up during the night, you can see where you step without disturbing the sleep of your partner by using the central lighting in the room. Sure, this type of decoration is not very suitable for you if your bed reaches the floor.
LED lighting along the upper and lower edge of the room
Usually used in rooms such as bathroom and hallway, this method has become a highly desirable and stylish way to decorate walls. The dim light emphasizes the color of the wall, especially if the LED lamp glows in a cold-white light. You can experiment with the color of the lamp depending on the basic color of your room.

LED lamps on the stairs
If you want to make it easy when you go up and down the stairs between the floors, you can decorate each step with LED strips or LED downlights. They will not only illuminate your way but will also improve the appearance of stairs and will impart elegance and style. You can place the strips near the upper or lower edge of the step – in both cases it will look very good.

LED strips

LED strips on the bookcase
You can make your old bookshelves look like a new bookcase, which came out of some magazine for interior design. To achieve this, get a certain amount of LED strips and stick them to the bottom of the front edge of each shelf.

Illuminate the corners with LED
If the illumination of the lower and upper walls seem too much to you, you can choose to highlight only the corners of the room. This option is suitable for those who already have some kind of decoration, which is focused on the corners.
Kitchen furniture with LED strips
Many of us have seen a number of popular applications of LED strips in kitchen furniture. Usually people prefer to place them on or in kitchen cabinets, so they can better illuminate the space for cooking. However, you can manifest a little more of creativity and put the lighting strip in the front bottom part of your cabinets, some inches from the ground. This will light also the kitchen floor in front of your kitchen countertop, and in addition it will look extremely elegant.



LED lighting in the closet
You can consider this strange but you can put LED lighting inside your wardrobe. Select the location where you organize the clothes hangers, and attach the strip on the metal stand. Besides being an interesting application of this type of lighting, the light falling on your clothes will facilitate finding the appropriate clothing.

LED lamps in the living room
The numerous applications of LED lighting in your living room include the illumination of the cupboards, the TV and the beautiful suspended ceiling. You will get original result if you highlight the bottom of the sofa in your living room.

Decorating a tree with LED lighting
You can resort to LED lighting also with regard to the exterior of your home. Select a tree from your garden to lighten up or use a cut stump. Make small, thin slits around the trunk and put the lights in it. Put several LED strips in your yard and see how beautiful it will be at night.

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