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BEGHLER is an international company specializing in manufacturing lighting fixtures with a decade of experience in the production and distribution of high-tech lighting solutions. The company is selling its products on four continents. The main focus is the design, development and distribution of energy-saving lamps, especially LED lighting.

BEGHLER was established by the company EUROBEG on 12 May 2002. By 2020 BEGHLER is planning to have production area of more than 20,000 square meters. BEGHLER has distributors in over 26 countries, 10 of which are European.
All products of BEGHLER meet the CE, RoHS, DEKRA and TUV standards. BEGHLER uses only reliable and high-performance LED chips from reputable suppliers such as Sharp, Philips, Citizen, Bridgelux, Meanwell, Tridonic and others.
The company’s products are a symbol of quality. BEGHLER is a fast growing innovative company because developing the LED technologies and maintaining the lowest possible prices, without compromising the quality, are cause and mission of all the employees working there.
The latest products that have rapid growth and are highly sought after by customers are LED panels.


They are very popular, along with other products of BEGHLER, such as LED lamps, LED downlights, LED spotlights and LED garden lighting.


BEGHLER is among the pioneers in LED revolution. BEGHLER leaders believe that the most used lighting of the 21st century will be based on LED lighting.
BEGHLER offers a product range of over 400 kinds of lamps for general lighting and design solutions for homes, offices, gardens, commercial and warehouse facilities, hotels, public spaces and administrative buildings.

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