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The German company Brennenstuhl is already known on the Bulgarian market with the high quality and diversity of its products. Brennenstuhl manufactures power strips and extension cables for different working conditions and with different parameters. All products of the company not only meet European quality standards, but also greatly exceed them. Brennenstuhl power strips and extension cables are tested for resistance to heat and cold, resistance in a special climate chamber, and plastic parts are tested for resistance to cold and mechanical force, which ensures their long and trouble-free operation.


Another test is the test with short circuit. All plastic parts of Brennenstuhl power strips and extension cables get into contact with heated to 750°C wire for 30 seconds. The product passes the test if it does not ignite and there is no damage on the contact place. But the high quality and sustainability of materials are not the only advantage of the production range of Brennenstuhl. The German company manufactures products with unique design and low self-consumption of energy that is environmentally friendly and fits well in the most tasteful home interior.



This is achieved by high technology and attention to detail. These advantages allow the company to offer generous warranty periods, greatly exceeding the standard legal requirements for three, five or even ten years, and many of the products have the “save energy” sign.


Brennenstuhl products have the international certificates “Blue angel” certifying that the products are environmentally friendly. Another advantage that makes the difference between products produced by Brennenstuhl and other products are the innovations which are possible because of the advanced technologies starting from the design to the manufacture the products. Thus the three-dimensional images created in the engineering department on 3-D-CAD on a computer are produced directly in prototypes in the production unit. Attractive solutions such as the series Desktop Power, which has elegant design and can comfortably be placed on the desk beside your laptop or tablet, very fast become a preferred solution for the office.


Clever design solutions, such as the possibility to hang the power strip on the wall or to hide the extension cable in its body when not in use, makes Brennenstuhl power strips and extension cables extremely practical. All those qualities of products determine the certificate “five stars”, namely:
• product quality
• innovation
• wide range
• extended warranties
• excellent service
Vikiwat offers Brennenstuhl products, not only because of their many advantages, but also because of the extremely affordable prices at which the products are being offered. This allows Vikiwat customers to get uncompromising German quality, known worldwide, at a very affordable price. The wide range of Brennenstuhl is offered by Vikiwat in a variety of colors and with discounts for larger quantities.


Except Brennenstuhl power strips and spools for winding power strip cables and extension cables, the quality of cables that are used in their products is also very high. The designation on the cable of each power strip is alphanumeric and looks like that: H05VV-F3G1,5, the first letter H meaning that the cable is harmonized. If the second designation is 05, this means that the device is for nominal voltage from 300 to 500V. The next two letters VV show that both the core and the cable are PVC. The next letter is F, and it shows that this is a fine cable for mobile equipment. Then there is a figure that shows the number of cores – in this case it is 3. The next letter G indicates that the cable has a yellow-green grounding wire and the last figure indicates the section in square millimeters – 1.5.


Besides these designations there are additional indications of whether the device is for indoor or outdoor use, the protection class, which we talked about in another article, as well as the quite popular marking „CE“. The two letters came from the abbreviation European Community and show compliance with EU standards. All manufacturers, whether located in the EU or not, must observe the minimum requirements of the EU if they want their products to be sold on the European market. This indication is an administrative measure – something like a technical passport, it does not mean that the product has been tested.

Brennenstuhl also strictly observes the regulation EC 1907/2006 for the chemicals that the products contain. The entire supply chain is required to provide information about the chemicals that are put into the manufactured products. This information is constantly checked by chemical analysis in independent accredited institutes. Thus the elimination of hazardous substances such as PAHs (polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons) is achieved. The marking of Brennenstuhl products helps clients to make informed decisions about the quality and to choose the best product for them.


In this designation the GS abbreviation (Geprüfte Sicherheit) means that the product has been tested for safety in a German independent laboratory approved by the Ministry of Labour in Germany. After the approval annual checks are conducted to continue the validity of the certificate. The TUV sign is a complex of tests in accordance with German law on safety Gerätesicherheitsgesetzes, which are made for each product when it goes on the market and is combined with regular inspections of production facilities.
Beside that Brennenstuhl products comply with all other European standards:

All this means that buying a power strip or other product of the German company Brennenstuhl, you choose quality, high technology, elegant design, durability and functionality based on decades of experience of a company that is a world leader in the field of electrical and electronic equipment. This means more than 100 million products in use around the world in over 100 countries with 30,000 distributors, including Vikiwat.

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