Consumer Electronics and Computer Systems

Inverter, converter, transducer … What is it and how to use it? part II

Let’s get back to the term inverter, converter, transducer, etc. Actually, these are different names of the same device. In English the most common term…

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Windows active directory (AD)- What is it and what can it do?

The progress of technology and business development bring the need for controlling all the information. The advanced information technology and computer systems necessitate the centralization…

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LED Power Supply

If you want to make a nice LED lighting in your home, office or cottage, you should know a few things about the power supply…

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Digital and analogue TV

Over-the-air digital television is an advanced method for distributing radio and television programs. Broadcasting according to the Digital Video Broadcast standard – Terrestrial (DVB-T) allows…

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How to supply power to a light-emitting diode

Here are simple instructions for connecting a LED: What we need: 1. Light-emitting diode 2. Conductor / s 3. Power supply 4. Resistor (resistance) And…

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Adding photos in Active Directory & Outlook

1. Create folder Pic somewhere on the domain controller. 2. Create two subfolders in it – Source and Processed. Put the photos in folder Source.…

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