Industrial electronics and automation

Energy saving lamps

The energy saving lamps are just Compact Fluorescent Lamps – CFL. The most important advantages of these lamps are: the energy efficiency – they spend…

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LED lamps

Light As we all know light is the visible part of the electromagnetic radiation. The wavelength, which human retina perceives as light, is in the…

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  A relay is an electromechanical switch. There are different classifications of relays. The more common ones refer to the controllable quantity: current relays, voltage…

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Electric motors

  Nowadays there is a huge variety of different types of electric motors. In plain words they are divided into alternating and direct current motors…

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 Introduction In this article we will cover some basics about the electrical device called a contactor, without going into details. We will try to explain…

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Industrial fan

What is an industrial fan?  Industrial fans are widely used in industry – for controlling the temperature, exhausting the moisture, etc. Of course, they have…

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