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There is hardly a product in our daily lives with such a variety of shapes, sizes and functions. Computer speakers have undergone a great evolution since their creation and from a simple tool for sound recording computer configurations they became a design challenge with unique colors, patterns and power.

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They are produced by hundreds of manufacturers worldwide, because they are relatively simple in design, they are manufactured in short series, they are affordable and very often with rather questionable quality …

At the beginning computer speakers had a power cord that had to be plugged in, which greatly limited their outdoor use. Now they are powered through a USB cable from the source in which they are plugged, in case there is a cable, because very often a bluetooth technology is used and the speakers are completely devoid of any connection with your laptop or computer. They are universal and can be connected to smartphones, Mp4, etc.


Some speakers have a built-in digital radio or a microphone for making conference calls, LED displays, electronic clocks, input for Mp3, an opportunity to connect and charge other devices and many other features.

Recently, more compact computer speakers are used to provide sound supplied by a smartphone and are thus ideal addition to the things you put in your backpack when you go hiking in the mountains.


Many of them are waterproof to be used on the beach, in the pool or under the shower.

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They also have LED backlight, volume control and may have the shape of a football or a baseball, a head of a bear, a kitty, a cube, an apple or the shape and size of a Coca-Cola or a beer can.


The wittier their shape, the more marketable and interesting it is to buyers who are mostly young people.

Their power is usually not very high, which is normal for this size, and fluctuates between 2 and 5W, most often 3W, and the bandwidth of sound reproduction is not too broad either. Of course there are exceptions, such as the models that offer 40W power, whose frequency band is from 30Hz to 20 kHz. They are active, with separate power supply and their size is like a suitcase. Another option is the 5.1 systems, representing 5 speakers and a subwoofer, positioned as follows – 2 front speakers (left and right), two rear ones (left and right), a more powerful one – central and a subwoofer, which must be low-positioned.

Obviously, this configuration is immovable and once located it stays in its place permanently. Another static version of the more powerful computer speakers is the 2.1 audio system, consisting of two speakers and a subwoofer.

This system is very common at home and is suitable for both PC and TV. In case there is no enough space in the room, some people use the so called soundbar.

All its 5 speakers + the subwoofer are mounted in a single housing, and in some models the subwoofer can be separated. Another type of computer speakers, which are very impressive, are the so-called water speakers with coloured music.

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They have a closed container, positioned over the speaker, filled with water of different colors, which flows in sync with the music. This is achieved through LED diodes located at the bottom of the container. The obtained effect is of dancing water jets, changing their color, which is really impressive.

dance water speakers

Obviously, only the designer’ imagination determines the shape, function and features of modern computer speakers. With such huge diversity it is difficult to choose what you really need to buy, so most often the purchase of computer speakers is spontaneous, emotional … and often wrong. Still the fun when choosing computer speakers is guaranteed

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