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Digital and analogue TV

Over-the-air digital television is an advanced method for distributing radio and television programs. Broadcasting according to the Digital Video Broadcast standard – Terrestrial (DVB-T) allows viewers to watch more programs with significantly higher quality of picture and sound than analogue over-the-air TV. In some towns and villages signal can be received even on the move, of course you must have a suitable antenna for this purpose – antenna for cars and trucks.

With analogue over-the-air broadcasting each program is broadcasted through a separate channel. In a digital broadcast of a channel a package of average 8 MPEG- 4 TV programs is broadcasted in standard definition (SD).

Digital television allows TV reception by a standard antenna without interference, with DVD quality. It allows screen format 16/9 and multichannel digital sound Dolby 5.1. It is good to know that if you have an analogue amplifier between the antenna and the receiver it should be eliminated because it will cause side effects.

With the adoption of digital terrestrial television broadcasting it is possible to broadcast television programs in high definition (HDTV). HD- TVs are able to display images with higher resolution and are called “Full HD”, and those who have lower resolution are “HD Ready”.

Digital TV allows the transfer of reference type of information, multimedia content on demand (VoD) and additionally paid TV services (PPV). In the future we will have the option to pay only for some channels, just like we do with cable operators now.

What do we need to use the service digital terrestrial TV?

1 TV with DVB-T tuner or a digital receiver (Set Top Box).

2 Antenna:
– We can use an indoor antenna – if we are in a location with better coverage and good signal, it is important to know that antennas with an integrated amplifier do not work on the principle of common antennas with an added analogue amplifier.

DVB-T антена
Indoor antenna for digital TV

– We can also use an external antenna – if we are located in remote areas with weak signal. We can also use a standard outdoor antenna and it is recommended to change its polarization, i.e. – rotate the antenna 90 ° to the horizon. We can also use a special DVB-T antenna which looks like this:

Антена за дигитална телевизия

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