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Economy of electricity in a household III part

In this last part of the article I will mention some very important moments in the optimal use of electricity.

10. Use air conditioners from the type Hyperinvertors. These air conditioners provide much more heat but consume just as much electricity as conventional heaters and have at least twice the efficiency of ordinary air conditioners.
This air conditioner provides heat or cold due to the circulation of fluid between the inner and the outer body and its evaporation or condensation. The process requires reactive energy, so the active energy used by these types of air conditioners is far less than the quantity used by conventional types. The electricity meters are made to pick up only active energy and thus when using Hyperinertors the part of the energy used is not recorded. Furthermore, modern Japanese inverters are equipped DC motors that are very economical and enable smooth regulation of the motor speed by precise modern electronics. Without going into detail I will note in relation to the subject that when the air conditioner is selected properly for the room and it is Hyperinvertor, savings can be 10 times larger than using a conventional heater. You can monitor your consumption in real time with a two-rate electrometer. In a well-insulated house the heat will remain for very long. Architects speak of the so called passive house, which is so well insulated, it can be warm up by a single candle …

11. Finally, let’s not forget everyday activities, which, if applied consistently by everyone in the household the savings will be evident. This includes: switching off the lights when you walk out of the room; closing the doors of the rooms that are heated, and during the winter period you can decide which rooms to heat and close the others. Switching off the air conditioner when you leave home for more than an hour is another useful energy-saving method. Here’s a little trick: when you take something out of the freezer, for example chicken or some other piece of meat, it is best if you do it the day before and leave it in the cooling part of the refrigerator. Thus, slowly exchanging heat with the air around it, it will contribute to the low temperature in the refrigerator. Because of that the compressor will use less electricity, resulting in power saving.

In conclusion I will add that saving electricity is a way of thinking, and not just because of the lower bills at the end of the month. Managing electricity spares the Earth, because if everyone of us succeeds in leaving the smallest carbon footprint possible and consumes less of the limited resources that our planet has the future can truly be greener. Our thinking must be global and our action-local. Only like that we will both live comfortably with less energy and have the planet unspoiled for generations to come.

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