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Economy of electricity in a household

In our modern society the significance of minimizing the cost for electricity is constantly growing. Optimizing household appliances has long been a priority for leading companies in the world. Water heaters, ovens, dishwashers, washing machines and air conditioners are the most ‘’esurient’’ when it comes to energy consumption, and this is probably the first thing that catches the eyes of the customers in the stores. We all know that the price of electricity will continue to increase; that is why I would like to give a few tips for those of you who want to easily reduce the average expense in a household by up to 20% or even more.

1. The mentioned appliances above are really the biggest consumers of electrical energy in a household, which is why their choice and their replacement with the latest more economic models is crucial.

2. Pay attention to the lighting in your home as well. Let’s count how many lights you have installed at home, not forgetting night lamps, those on the balcony or lamps installed over the kitchen sink or oven, if you have any. Let us assume that the number is roughly 30 (at least this is my case). If their average power is about 50 W simple calculation shows that if lit continuously for an hour they will burn 1500 W, and surely this is no small number. To be more realistic we’ll presume that not all of them are lit at the same time and also there are times when almost all of the lights in the house are off (during the night). So we’ll reduce the figure by 60%. We’ll get 900W, and to calculate what energy we consume monthly we multiply by 30 and we get the striking 54 000W, that represents a big part of our electricity bills and it will only get worse. There is, however, a way which will help you reduce this number 10 times! Recently LED lamps have invaded the market, because with only 5W power consumption they emit enough light to rival the ordinary 50W light bulbs. Vikiwat sells a wide variety of these super efficient LED lamps. On our site you’ll find many of them. Their other main advantage is that their lifespan is 60 times longer than the lifespan ordinary light bulbs. There are lamps with various color temperature like cold white, warm white, yellow and so on. This may give you fresh ideas for your interior design. Also common are the so called LED spotlights which can be cleverly embedded with suspended ceilings and other modern lighting solutions for the home. The choice is wide.

Not to go unnoticed are the energy saving lamp, which also will quite successfully reduce electricity bills.

3. If you like uttermost solutions, there is one long-term investment which could reduce your electricity expenses down to 0. You are probably guessing it. In Bulgaria, the sun is shining 8 to 9 months through the year, and even during the coldest of winters our star is often peeking behind the clouds. Most of the people, who can afford it, are already using it to their advantage. In VIKIWAT you will not only find everything you need for a photovoltaic installation, like various items and accessories, but you will also be given technical assistance with the assembling of the system itself. Controllers for solar photovoltaic systems, highly efficient solar panels, inverters, gel batteries, special UV protected cables, as well as toolkits for connecting photovoltaic panels will be found under the following link:

Economy of electricity in a household 1

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