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LED floodlights

LED floodlights replace metal halide and halogen floodlights in more and more areas of life. They represent an optical system that focuses light on a particular area through a reflector. The light source is a LED or LEDs. The electricity saving, compared to halogen floodlights, can be up to 90%. LED floodlights emit bright directed light at very low power consumption, they have a long life of tens of thousands of hours and do not require additional service costs. Thus these light sources become indispensable in creating unique image of cities, highlighting the beauty of the historic and modern buildings. LED floodlights are the optimal solution for the lighting of modern streets, bridges, billboards, parking and storage areas, public spaces and stadiums.
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Construction of LED floodlights
Modern LED lights of the leading manufacturers have elegant design of the housing, which is usually made of aluminum. The use of aluminum is determined not only due to the low specific gravity of this material, but also because it has excellent thermal conductivity, which provides better cooling of the powerful LED floodlights. A light reflector made of metal and covered with thin and shiny aluminum layer is located around a powerful LED. The scattering angle of the light current, set by the designer, provides the LED floodlight with high consumer qualities.

LED прожектор, зелен

The individual elements are connected tightly and there are silicone sealants which make the floodlight moisture-proof and dustproof. The high degree of protection from external influences of the type IP65 provides the electronic components of the floodlight with long life. Such floodlights are intended for street lighting and outdoor use. Floodlight manufactured by companies with good reputation like BEGHLER differ from cheap and poor quality products manufactured by unknown manufacturers.
The housing of quality floodlights has anti- corrosion coverage applied through special powdery technology. This coverage provides reliable protection from mechanical damage and adverse environmental conditions. Quality LED floodlights have a LED module in their center created by the COB (chip on board) technology. In front of the module lies a transparent tempered glass, surrounded by a frame set by seals. A mounting frame is placed at the rear of the floodlight by which the device is attached to a wall or a pillar. The electric cable powering the LED floodlight is connected through a rubber sleeve preventing the penetration of moisture.

The cable is double insulated and is designed for external application. The power supply is the standard mains power supply of 220VAC / 50Hz. Modern high-quality LED floodlights have a high color rendering index – this is the ability of light to reproduce natural colors, which means that the light emitted by LED floodlights is perceived by the eye as very close to sunlight and if a garment is a certain shade of purple in the sun light, this shade will basically be preserved in LED light.

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Types of LED flashlights

  1. LED floodlight with PIR sensor.

LED floodlights are very often used to illuminate outdoor spaces such as courtyards, garages, open spaces between buildings or large balconies. In order to save money and to provide security they are equipped with motion sensors that respond to infrared rays emitted from any warm-blooded body, i.e. PIR sensor. The function of the created simple system of two devices is the following: when a person or a large animal falls within the range of operation of the sensor, the sensor activates the electric circuit and supplies power to the LED floodlight. The LED floodlight then provides light e.g. to someone who runs his car in the garage or detects movement in someone’s yard, illuminating the intruder.

A variation of this floodlight is a floodlight equipped with a light sensor. Its convenience is that it activates itself at dusk and turns off at dawn. The more expensive models have a regulator of the light which activates the floodlight.

  1. RGB LED floodlight with a remote control

This is a LED floodlight with LED diodes in three colors: R – red, G – green, B – blue. In various combinations of these lights, floodlights can emit light in 16 different colors which can be selected by a remote control. This type of lights is used in discos, concerts, home parties or behind waterproof glass to illuminate the water in swimming pools.
A variation of RGB LED floodlights are multi-colored LED floodlights with 18 powerful LEDs arranged in a line. The floodlight has length in the range of 500-600mm, and there are multicolored LED diodes with high power, positioned at equal distances. The lights are switched by a special controller. There is an opportunity for pre-programming. There are also LED floodlights with 72 diodes in multiple lines operating on the same principle.

  1. Ultra Powerful LED floodlights

This is a LED floodlight with 1000W power and luminous flux 90000-100000 lumens, at 90-100 lum/, which are provided by 440 powerful LEDs in a single housing. LED floodlights of this type are used to illuminate stadiums, airports and other large spaces. The challenge with these floodlights is to provide cooling without letting moisture into the housing. There are special vents that open when temperatures rise, sealants are silicone, and the sleeve through which the power cord enters the housing, ensures tightness.

There are many other varieties of LED floodlights. Some of them have a lens on the windscreen that increases the luminous flux, other RGB floodlights are round and floodlights emitting white light can be selected according to their color temperature – there are varieties with cold-white or warm-white light.
LED кръгъл

Advantages of LED floodlights


LED floodlights have several advantages, some of which are characteristic of all LED lighting sources.
LED floodlights provide high light performance at very low power consumption, thanks to which they reduce lighting costs by 7-10 times.
The life (resource) of LED lights is 30 000-50 000 hours, which is equivalent to five years of continuous operation. This allows you to forget about changing the lights when installing LED floodlights. Some companies even produce devices with extended duration.
LED floodlights are completely safe. They do not contain harmful substances, do not create harmful pulsations of the luminous flux and do not emit ultraviolet radiation. No special utilization is needed after they stop working.
LED floodlights are heated much less than halogen and metal halide floodlights. This allows different solutions inapplicable to the old kind of floodlights.

Thanks to all their advantages, as well as their variety, LED floodlights are one of the leaders among LED lighting products in the current LED lighting revolution. They are multi-functional, practical, easy to operate, with excellent light performance, high productivity, eco-friendly. These are the main reasons for the popularity of LED floodlights.


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