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LED lighting

Every year people and governments around the world are becoming more and more active in their actions to protect the environment. The fact that the production of incandescent lamps has been suspended is an eloquent step in this direction. By the end of 2013 the last representatives of these lamps were discontinued.

Incandescent Light Bulbs vs CFLs
Of course, manufacturers of lamps and lighting systems are also very active and their efforts towards energy saving has made ​​possible the emergence of a mass market for LED lamps and luminaires. The technology itself has been known for years but recent innovations in this field have enabled its rise. According to the forecasts LED lighting will occupy 75% of the global market by the end of 2020.

What makes this technology revolutionary?
Its advantages to any other source of light are so many that words just fade. Here is what you gain when using LED in your home, office, even in the car or anywhere else where some kind of light sources are used:

  • lowerelectricity bills – LEDlightsconsume80% less energy toachieve the same result;
    • longer life – 50,000 hours or 6 years of continuous work compared to 1500 hours in incandescent lamps;
    • free from harmful gases or mercury;
    • recycled without residues;
    • light is closest to the daylight;
    • don’t emit any UV or IR waves;
    • maximum light efficiency of LEDs – 80-100 lumens per watt, compared to conventional lamps – 10-12 lumens per watt;
    • substantially more solid;
    • LED lights emit very little heat during work
    • they have high color rendering;
    • they are dimmable and can be chosen according to the color temperature and thus you always have the right light atmosphere
    • they are manufactured in all standard sizes and sockets. This makes the switch to LED lamps extremely easy.

Even in the distant future this technology is expected to continue and even evolve into OLED (Organic Light-Emitting Diode)
Early LED lights were manufactured with standard LEDs but new technologies have succeeded to implement and promote powerful LEDs and SMD LEDs.
LED лампа съвременни диоди

LED MR16 weissLED лампа мощни диоди

                                                                              Some types of LED lamps

LED лампа цокъл Е14LED лампа цокъл Е27

LED lamp socket E14                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        LED lamp socket E27

This LED lamp is a replacement for conventional incandescent lamps. It is mainly used in the household and in the office. It can be put easily in the place of old incandescent bulbs. These lights are used in sconces, chandeliers, reading lamps, table lamps, etc.
LED лампа луна

                         LED downlight

This lamp is a replacement for halogen spotlights for suspended ceiling. It can be produced with various sockets – GU10, G6.35 and G4. Lights with GU10 socket are only available with 220V power supply. Socket G6.35 is available with 220 V and 12 V. Socket G4 is only available with 12 V. Some LED downlights can work both with AC and DC, but not ALL OF THEM! If a LED downlight can work both with direct and alternating voltage, this is indicated on the packaging or on the body of the lamp. LED downlights have glass enclosure (SMD diode and standard downlights) and aluminum enclosure for better cooling (downlights with powerful LEDs). They are primarily used in suspended ceilings but are also used for bedside lamps, table lamps, etc.

LED лампа цокъл G9 II
LED lamp socket G9
LED лампа цокъл G9
LED lamp socket G9

These lamps are substitutes for halogen lamps having this socket. Their working voltage is 220VAC and they are placed directly on the place of old halogen lamps. They are used mainly in reading lamps and chandeliers with socket G9.

LED пура 1
LED tube
LED пура
LED tube

This LED tube is a replacement for fluorescent tubes. Its operating voltage is 220VAC and it is connected directly to the electric network. It is produced with standards T5 and T8. Standard T5 is thinner and is used in single lighting fixtures in kitchens, in hidden lighting, etc. Standard T8 is mainly used in lighting fixtures designed for mounting on ceilings. Lighting fixtures for LED tubes, unlike their predecessors, have no starter and no throttle. Old lighting fixtures for fluorescent tubes can be adjusted for LED tubes by removing the starter and the throttle.

LED тяло

 LED unit for installation in suspended ceiling

This lamp is a replacement for halogen fixtures for installation in suspended ceilings. It runs on 12VDC, but there is also an electronic transformer converting the input voltage from 220VAC to 12VDC, which is included in the kit. These lights are used in suspended ceilings in residential and public buildings.

 прожектор LED

LED floodlight

This floodlight is a replacement for halogen and metal-halide ones. It is mainly used for outdoor illumination of large areas like patios, sports courts, playgrounds, etc. It is powered directly through the electric network to 220VAC, and unlike halogen and metal – halide floodlights, it is much more energy-saving. It can be used as a directional light for monuments, buildings, etc.

LED лентаLED tape

This tape is very widely used. It is used both as supplementary and as main light. Its supply voltage is 12VDC but it can be 24VDC as well. Higher voltage is used primarily for decoration and lighting in caravans and trucks. The 12 volt tape has entered the home of the average consumer in the form of hidden lighting, decorative and general lighting. The installation of this tape is implemented by connecting it to a suitable electronic LED transformer which in turn needs to be connected to 220VAC supply voltage. The tape is flexible, double-adhesive and can be cut into segments containing at least 3 LEDs.  It is available in different colors. There are also multi-colored LED tapes, to which you can connect a remote controller and use it with a disco effect. They can also be used as decorative lighting in cars and caravans.

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