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LED tubes

LED tubes replace conventional fluorescent tubes, being over 2-3 times more economical and having 10 times longer life and better light current. They don’t contain harmful substances and they have a scattering angle of 270 degrees and therefore there is no need of costly and complex reflectors. LED tubes do not need a starter and a throttle or any other electronics because they operate at 220VAC, thanks to a built-in power supply unit. LED tubes light up immediately. The light emitted from a LED tube does not flicker and does not irritate the eyes, because it is very close to the daylight.

LED tubes 1

LED tubes lighting doesn’t have the annoying hum that often accompanies the operation of fluorescent lamps. LED tubes are produced in the standard sizes of fluorescent lamps and can replace them after the shutdown of throttles, starters or other electronics necessary for the operation of fluorescent tubes.

LED tubes 2

And if everything said so far is not enough to highlight the advantages of LED tubes to fluorescent tubes, we will add that LED tubes do not generate UV and IR rays, they have very low temperature and do not attract insects with their light. LED tubes, just like all other types of LED lamps, can be manufactured with cold white, warm white and neutral light.

They can also be transparent, which makes the diodes visible, and can also be opaque, which are preferable because their light is diffused and soft. For these advantages LED tubes are widely used in the lighting systems of offices, shops, hotels, shopping malls, schools, hospitals, office buildings, supermarkets, etc. When large objects are illuminated by hundreds of LED tubes, it is advisable that the power supply goes through a voltage stabilizer with power corresponding to the consumption. This is done because the electric-network voltage sometimes goes beyond the normal fluctuation margins, especially if the object is distant from the power transformer or if there are powerful consumers that commutate within the circuit.

LED tubes 3
The voltage stabilizer maintains the voltage in a narrow range and thus the LED tubes, which are connected after it, are protected and their lives are longer. Below you can see schematic diagrams showing how a fluorescent light fixture is adapted to work with LED tubes.

The first scheme shows a fluorescent tube connected to ballast, through which the power supply voltage passes. Once we have disconnected it from the mains, we remove the electronic ballast and connect one pin to each end of the LED tube to phase and zero, respectively. The second scheme displays another case which is practically possible – a fluorescent fixture with a starter and electromagnetic throttle. We remove the starter and again supply power to two pins at both sides of the LED tube. In this case, the throttle is not removed. The LED tube can work without it, but it represents inductance, which due to its inertness to external changes can serve as a filter to changes in the mains voltage.

LED tubes 4

Recently, manufacturers of LED tubes started producing LED tubes with unilateral power supply. This does not complicate in any way the installation of the tube in the luminaire. We just have to watch for the indication written on the tube.

LED tubes 5

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