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Led types

LED tapes invade so quickly our everyday life that now there is hardly anyone who hasn’t seen them somewhere. Most often LED tapes are used in interior designer lighting of homes, restaurants and bars, cleverly hidden in false ceilings, behind baseboards and other elements of the interior. As they are very fine and flexible, they can be put in very narrow furrows, channels and details. The best effect is obtained when the LED tape itself is hidden and only the light reflected from a particular piece of furniture or façade is visible.

Many people use LED tapes for an eye-catching decoration of aquariums, furniture in the kitchen over the sink , behind mouldings, etc. Since LED tapes normally have 12V DC voltage, they are very often installed in the passenger compartment of a vehicle sometimes highlighting effectively its contours.

LED car


LED tapes are also used to highlight the contours of yachts, tourist boats and ocean liners and ferries.

LED ship
In modern urbanization of cities LED tapes are used in street exterior as well as for interior lighting for pools or hot tubs behind watertight glass. They find application even in churches and temples of different religions.

LED cathedral
Lovers of hiking, tourists and fishermen, practicing their hobbies away in nature, use them as a main source of light in the evening, connecting them directly to the auto battery. In a larger scale their applications include attractive illumination of bridges, architectural ornaments and contours of buildings, placing them under the eaves of houses along their entire course.



LED tapes are also effectively used for directional signs and boards, etc. Of course, they are widely used on advertising illuminated signs and illuminated figures as a cup of coffee, pizza, wi-fi, open non stop, bar, casino.

LED stage

They are cheap and they are suitable for Christmas decorations at home or in the street, for illuminating shop-windows and counters in goldsmith shops, in cinema foyers, stages, discos, theaters, amphitheatres, showrooms and many others.

LED aplication



The use of LED tapes now increases in a geometrical progression because they are economical, they have at least 4-5 times lower power consumption than conventional incandescent lamps , they withstand vibration and shock, some models are waterproof by silicon coating. They have different colours, the main ones being blue, green, yellow, red, warm white and cool white.


There are also RGB tapes (red, green, blue), which can change their colours. The different types of LED tapes have different number of LEDs per linear meter. There are varieties with 60 LEDs per meter and with 120 LEDs per meter and those with 120 LEDs shine brighter. On the other hand there are two models of LED tapes: SMD3528 and SMD5050. The first model uses light-emitting diodes of the type SMD3528, which have slightly weaker luminous flux than LED SMD5050. The light-emitting diodes of the second type are more powerful, provide stronger luminous flux but are also more expensive.

LED strip colored


The tapes are sold per linear meter and can be cut at each three diodes. In order to create an attractive lighting using LED tapes at home it is necessary to get suitable supply for LED lighting, which provides 220 V input altering voltage, and 12 V output direct voltage. The power of the supply has to conform with the LED tape. LED tapes obtain more and more popularity nowadays as they are getting more affordable and their installation is very simple, so everything depends on your imagination and creativity.

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