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Switched-Mode Power Supplies

Switched-mode power supply units are power supply devices of a modern type, they are highly efficient, small sized and have low weight.

switching_power_supply_psin10012Switched-mode power supplies rectify and stabilize the voltage needed to supply power to an appliance operated by DC, a LED lamp, LED rope light, CCTV cameras, promotional items or other devices. They rectify and correct the current pulse, clearing the interference in it. In technics they are also called key stabilizers whose main operating principle is to maintain the value of the output voltage constant.

Switched-mode units serve to convert the current with mains frequency (50/60Hz) into current with high frequency (50 kHz), which provides much greater power and efficiency. This feature is combined with small and compact size, and with far less weight than standard transformer solutions, which makes switched-mode power supplies very popular in everyday life.


 Waterproof LED Driver

The size of a switched-mode power supply is determined by its power, and the higher the power is, the more massive the power supply is. These power supplies are produced with different primary and secondary voltages designed for powers from a few watts up to 1,000 W. It is sometimes more practical if a switched-mode power supply has more than one secondary voltage (usually 12 VDC and 24 VDC)

The efficiency of switched-mode power supplies in contemporary models can reach 93%. This in turn leads to reduction of losses in the form of heat dissipation in the environment. The more powerful and less precise switched-mode power supplies still produce heat, so they need a fan that provides them with the necessary cooling. Most modern switched-mode power supplies have overvoltage, overload and short circuit protection, which makes them a reliable and durable energy source.

original_31928 Waterproof LED power supply

One of the drawbacks of switched-mode power supply devices is that they emit a high-frequency signal, which may lead to electromagnetic interference in computer systems and precise devices (such as a pacemaker). Therefore, switched-mode power supply units have a metal casing, which absorbs the majority of these emissions, and the larger and more powerful ones also have an EMI filter.
According to the environment in which they operate, there are waterproof and non-waterproof switched-mode power supplies. Waterproof power supply units can be used to supply high power LEDs, LED rope lights and LED tapes, they have a waterproof casing and IP65degree of protection, which makes them suitable for outdoor installation. Non-waterproof power supply units are designed for indoor use and have perforated casing for better cooling. According to their implementation they can be mounted on a DIN rail or in a standard way.


DIN rail switched-mode power supply

The massive influx of switched-mode power supplies in our everyday lives enhances the requirements towards their designers to reduce the size, weight and interference of these devices. Nowadays switched-mode power supplies are becoming more and more functional and ergonomic.

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