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The Most Interesting and Unusual Applications of LED Lighting

Thanks to LED lighting, nowadays we are able to use smartphones with very well-lit screens, LED monitors and TVs, Blu-ray players, as well as many other technological marvels which are part of our everyday lives. The LED light bulbs use around 80% less electrical energy compared to all other types of bulbs, so this makes them incredibly energy-efficient source of light. Moreover, they are safe for the environment and can last for decades without breaking down.  The LEDs can be also used for different purposes and as the LED technology evolves on a daily basis, often there are more and more creative ways to apply them. Down below you can find 11 of the most creative applications of the LED lighting and the LEDs for the moment.

The Most Interesting and Unusual Applications of LED Lighting 1

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Bionic LED contact lenses

We all know that the ordinary contact lenses help us to see better, but nothing more than that. With the bionic LED contact lenses it is different – you will not only have excellent eyesight, but you will also be able, for example, to check your e-mail for new letters and read them. This innovation is still in a prototype phase and is not available on the market, but in the near future we will be able to see one extended reality. Each of the lenses consists of a transparent sapphire chip that has only one micro-LED. The bionic contact LED lenses work by transmitting information to this chip. This way, a person will be able to see the monitor of his/her computer and to perform different actions by using only the lenses and eyes.


Virtual LED sky

In addition to the fact that LED light bulbs are almost 10 times more economical than the incandescent bulbs, the LED lighting stimulates the people`s productivity and makes them happier. This conclusion came out of an experiment in which several university engineers have created LED panels in order to recreate a virtual sky. The purpose is simple; they should be installed on the ceilings at office spaces so they can imitate the sky and this way to create a sensation of vastness and nature, as if you are on a large meadow beneath the blue sky.


Solar LED car roof

The more the technologies evolve, the greater get our abilities to create convenience and comfort. Solar LED car roofs have already been created to allow am easy control of the temperature inside of the car when it is very hot or cold outside.

The solar LED roofs, as their name suggests are powered by the sun`s rays and do not emit harmful emissions. With today`s technologies, it is quite possible for all people to live comfortably without harming the environment.


Sun in a bottle

In South Africa you can find very innovative lamps which consist of a glass bottle or a jar that collects the sun`s rays through mini solar panels mounted in the caps of the bottles and the light is emitted by small LEDs. This way the South Africans can use LED light through the night without the need of electricity.


Coloured water

With the LED technology, even the washing the hands can be very fun and enjoyable. The LED sink faucets colour the water in blue and red light and the colour changes according to the temperature of the water. This way you will always know how warm the water is before you touch it and there is no risk of getting burned.


LED signalling for horses

At first you may find it strange to put LED lights on the horses, but there are plenty of pros. The main benefit of this is the safety aspect because it is important for them to have clear signalling at night. There is enough data gained for rescued lives for both horses and their riders thanks to the LED lights which helps to make them visible enough for the cars in the dark parts of the day. Besides, the horses look fabulous covered in the gentle LED light.


LED wallpapers

Wall painting may soon be left in the past as there are already LED wallpapers that can change the colour of the walls in your home from the light switch. These amazing wallpapers are actually LED panels that emit soft, soothing light and can be configured to illuminate in a variety of colour combinations.


LED eyelashes

The rapid development of the LED technologies has led to a reduction in the size of the LEDs, making it possible to create LED eyelashes. The LED eyelashes enjoy a great attention, although they are a pretty extravagant choice. These luminous eyelashes are designed to make the lady`s eyes look bigger and more expressive. Inside the LED eyelashes, there is a mechanism through which you can turn the lights on and off anytime you want, just by tilting your head in a certain way. The ladies will surely draw the attention to themselves if they choose LED eyelashes for the next party.


LED earrings

The LED earrings are the natural continuation of the LED technology integration in the realm of fashion and beauty. You can create a great combo of LED eyelashes and LED earrings and to shine in the club or the party night. To light up these innovative earrings, you just need to press it and the crystal will start shining.


LED dress

The London fashion house CuteCircuit has also taken care of the LED garment which can be combined very easy with LED eyelashes and LED earrings. The English designers have created a wonderful LED dress with fabric where 10 000 LEDs were inlaid. The ladies can choose between different colour combinations and effects. Those of them who want to shine on their wedding day can do it not only figuratively, but literally.


LED shoes

In the 90s, LED lighting technology is also applied in another fashion niche – the shoes. With playful lightening soles, LED shoes became extremely popular and entertaining. They have the option to switching on and off the diodes and changing the light mode – from a constant light to an intense flashing light in different colours. The shoes have a built-in USB rechargeable battery which is safe and doesn`t contain a mercury. The LED shoes are very attractive and you will be easily be recognized in the dark. This is also a great choice for a party night.

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