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In our everyday lives we ​​often have to do minor repairs of our homes or cars, which do not require any special qualifications or skills, but suddenly it turns out that we don’t have the necessary tools. So, we face the unpleasant alternative to go and buy something quickly (and it often happens at the weekend) or to ask friends or neighbors to lend us the necessary equipment.  Usually people buy the most commonly used simple hand-tools not when they need them, but when they realize that they would ever need them. Indeed, there is no way for a family to go without a hammer, pliers, a set of screwdrivers, wrenches, a soldering iron, a file, a saw, a measuring tape, etc.


This list could be pretty much extended in case you love to tinker various instruments and devices in your spare time.


If you are a lover of electronics, there is another list. Moreover, all these tools need to be placed in a special tool-box in order to be easily transported to your workplace.

kufar instrumenti

Our modern world offers not only a huge variety of hand tools, but you can choose a single tool, such as pliers, from different brands and various modifications,


e.g. besides the popular universal pliers it is often necessary to use plier-cutters, extended pliers, curved at the tip pliers, pliers for stripping cables, pliers for crimping various cable terminals such as BNC, RJ11, RG12, RG4, etc.

Electricians working with medium voltages need to use pliers, which are insulated for 1000V voltage and when soldering electronic components we need to use precise thin pliers of the type pliers-tweezers.

kleshti udaljeni
The best stores sell toolkits in special tool-cases, sometimes called Gedore (the name comes from the name of the German company for hand tools GEDORE, founded in 1919 in Remscheid, which in turn comes from Dovidat brothers, i.e. GEbruder DOvidat REmscheid). These tools entirely solve the problem with the need of the most commonly used types of instruments in home repairs. Larger Gedore kits are purchased by professionals for the purpose of auto repairs or for mechanical workshops.


Besides tools, a skillful home worker also needs some supplies. Some of the most used ones include different types of cables with different numbers of cores and cross section, a heat shrink, various screws, bolts, nuts, washers, springs, wall-plugs, splice bars and rubber seals, sandpaper, adhesives, sprays, lubricants and soldering tools, tin-lead solders, fluxes, rosin, etc.

When a major repair has to be done and the usual supplies won’t help, then we need to make a list with the tools and materials necessary for the specific situation. Usually right after large home repairs there are a lot of unused supplies left, which then serve as a reserve for minor repairs at home. The list with the most frequently used tools would not be complete without mentioning the recently widespread box-cutters, whose name reveals their original purpose of use but now they are used for thousands of other things.

For example, they are used for cutting insulation sheets, plasterboard, wallpaper, cables, etc. Another tool that you will find in every repair shop is a caliper. Apart from the conventional metal caliper measuring internal, external dimensions and depths, you can find the so called digital caliper, whose reading is shown on a display, powered by a small clock LR44 battery.

This caliper has high measuring accuracy of up to 0.04mm. If you need to measure with more precision you can use digital and mechanical micrometers. Their accuracy is up to 0.003mm.
Hand tools are necessary for every home, and the greater their collection, the easier and more successful is each repair. Provident workers constantly enlarge their collection of tools and are proud of them.


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