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Most modern cars have a built-in audio system with speakers in the doors and a player in the dashboard, but very often the factory-made audio system is quite inadequate and is characterized by a relatively low volume, which does not satisfy those who have high demands for quality sound in their car. In this case, most tech-savvy lovers of the quality sound, start devising a sound system, depending on their knowledge, skills, experience and financial capabilities.

The system itself as a sound scheme and components is not anything special and can be built by almost anyone. In general it consists of a player, amplifier, speakers, subwoofer, wiring and a fuse. There is a variety of models of the above-listed ts of this sound system on the market. Everything starts with the player. It is good if there is an option to connect an MP3 to the player, and if the player has a way to control the subwoofer. It is important to know that if the player doesn’t have quality sound, there is no way that the amplifier and speakers can improve it. When choosing a low-frequency car speaker you need to check in its installation instructions about the size of the bass-box in which it must be installed. The size of the bass-box must be consistent with the available space in the car. It is important that the light opening of the bass-box also fits the diameter of the low-frequency car speaker.

The main parameters when selecting of low-frequency speakers are power, frequency response, which usually starts around the threshold of audibility of the human ear, which is around 20-30Hz and goes up to several hundred hertz. The speakers, situated in the doors and in the back cover of the vehicle are responsible for higher frequencies reaching up to 20kHz, which in turn is on the maximum threshold of audibility of a person. Let’s take for example a high-quality speaker with a 300mm diameter of the membrane and an aluminum moulded chassis.


Bass-boxes with a built-in amplifier are sold on the market. These bass-boxes are called active, they ease the connection of the system and save money for amplifier and cables. It is important to choose a quality amplifier which turns up the sound without distortion and extraneous noise and without blurring the sound, like this one.

As it can be seen, it is capable to reproduce frequencies beyond the threshold of audibility, it is equipped with a series of defenses, it is powerful, it has filters for low and high frequencies, and it looks impressive. Depending on the power of the amplifier we need to choose a cable that is thick enough to connect to the plus terminal of the battery through a cable lug installed on the cable.

We take the minus fromthe body of thevehicle,close tothe amplifier, therefore the minus cableisconsiderablyshorter.Thisis actually the mostexpensiveandthickcablein the whole system.It can be10mm2or more. It bears afuse,alsosizedaccording tothe power of the amplifierandrespectivelyaccording tothe current thatwill flow throughthe fuse.


The process of connecting the rest of the speakers and ellipses is a real test for one’s patience and skills as the cables must pass through the walls and the doors of the car. The amplifier is mounted in the luggage compartment of the car, and you have to leave enough space around it in order to cool. The body of the stabilizer itself represents a cooling aluminum radiator. The amplifier is connected to the player via a pair of cinch cables or if the amplifier model is quadraphonic – via two pairs of cables.

You also need to connect the player to the power supply. Then connect the speakers to the amplifier. There are options to connect two, four, two plus subwoofer or four with two subwoofers. The connection diagrams are given in the booklet for installation and operation of the amplifier. If you have done everything properly, you will have a powerful and quality sound that will impress your friends and you will enjoy whatever music you prefer. It will become even more impressive if after the installation of the audio system you put a LED tape that highlights the curves of the subwoofer and the amplifier.



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