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What type of LED lighting to choose for a dropped ceiling

You want to create an exquisite dropped ceiling in some room in your home and look for suitable lighting? Check out the most convenient LED lighting solution for you.


If you want to build a stylish dropped ceiling in one of the rooms in your home then for sure you will need some help choosing the proper LED lighting. For this purpose we come in to propose the most suitable LED lighting for you.


What type of LED lights are OK for suspended ceiling?

When you start such an endeavour you have to bear in mind the suspended ceiling type, its shape and style as well as the lights. You might consider hiring a professional designer or you could directly implement your own ideas. Whatever shapes you choose, you should properly choose the lighting in order to achieve a memorable and cozy lighting effect.


LED light bulbs

What type of LED lighting to choose for a dropped ceiling 1

The LED lamps you mount in your dropped ceiling can entirely replace the old halogen lamps. When choosing LED lighting pay attention to the fact, that a few LED light bulb can be dimmed. Not every luminaire allows such a manipulation. If you want to regulate the brightness using a dimming device, but the light fixture is not dimmable, you could damage the luminaire irreversibly. For this reason you should get enough information about the different features of the LED lighting you want to use in advance.


LED downlights

What type of LED lighting to choose for a dropped ceiling 2


LED downlights are among the most widely used lights for suspended ceilings. The customers usually like their tender and unobtrusive light. Another advantage is that they are easy to install and replace. Nevertheless, they create a proper emphasis on the interior.

If your dropped ceiling is in the shape of a circle for example, then the LED downlights are probably your best choice for lighting. Just put them close to each other and let them accent the center of your exquisite ceiling.

When installing your light fixtures, have in mind that it is necessary to keep some symmetry which will make the dropped ceiling look flawless. Some people, on the other hand, prefer to install the LED downlights asymmetrically and to mount them randomly, imitating a starry sky.


LED panels

What type of LED lighting to choose for a dropped ceiling 3

For those of you who do not know what a LED panel is, we should mention that LED panels are flat LED luminaires which are a suitable lighting solution not only for dropped ceilings, but also for office buildings, shop centers, lobbies and other public facilities. The LED panels are flat light fixtures with aluminium frame and plastic top. They are circular or square in shape.
When building a dropped ceiling for your dining room, you should choose LED panels instead of LED downlights, because they are more powerful lighting source.


LED tubes

What type of LED lighting to choose for a dropped ceiling 4


The LED tubes are usually used only for interior lighting. Very often the customers use them as a decorative lighting, but their light is actually bright enough and they can be used as a main source of light.
The LED tubes are also a wonderful choice for a suspended ceiling. If you prefer brighter lighting, a good idea is to install a LED tube which will light the curves and dents of your dropped ceiling very well.



Wall mount lights

What type of LED lighting to choose for a dropped ceiling 5


Although we are talking about lighting a ceiling, you also may consider using wall mount lights. They are available in a wide variety of types and shapes and you easily can choose the most suitable ones.

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