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Where to use LED flood lights

LED flood lights are extremely popular, convenient and easy to use source of light which can be used in many spaces and areas such as parks, stadiums, playgrounds, home yards, commercial and public buildings and more. They are very popular light solution also because they can provide large quantities of bright light without using many LED bulbs.

LED flood lights are mainly used by homeowners in yards and gardens but also from different industries in their production plants, warehouses and outdoor spaces. Flood lights are essential part of lighting during sport, fashion and public events as they provide many ways to illuminate the spaces when there isn’t enough natural light. Moreover, LED flood lights can also be used in indoor areas during concerts or other events that require high quality lighting.

In this article we would like to introduce you to the huge variety of places where you can mount LED flood lights not only as a lighting source but also for decorative purposes. Take advantage of our ideas and consider the information below when selecting and buying them.

LED flood lights and their application

LED floodlights are extremely versatile in sense of their installation. Typical for all of them is that, unlike most LED light products, projectors are mainly used for outdoor spaces. Therefore, they most often have a secure housing protection and higher degree of IP protection meaning they are waterproofed.


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Mounting of LED flood lights for exterior design

One of the most common applications of LED flood lights is the installation in private parks, yards and gardens.

If you want to give a little bit of style to your yard and at the same time to illuminate it with some light, then it’s a good idea to consider LED flood lights for this purpose.

There are small and compact in size flood lights, but emitted light is guaranteed strong enough, as well very suitable for home’s yard comfort lighting. You can mount them around a trail, under a tree or facing the facade of your building. These luminaires will certainly be able to place a strong emphasis on your chosen location.

Whether they point to a facility in the park or mounted between the benches, the LED flood lights will certainly provide the comfort of those walking in the park at night and even can be romantic.

If a certain area has a fountain somewhere, then it may be a great opportunity to illuminate the water effects by adding several LED flood lights. This is very easy when choosing LED flood lights because they are designed for outdoor installation and have an IP protection degree, allowing them to be mounted in wet and dusty locations.

Of course, you should always double check all parameters of your products in advance before Tking decision which model or brand to be chosen. For this purpose, strictly follow the rating of the particular luminaire. Keep in mind, that is of a big importance that the housing of LED flood light must protected from the penetration of water and particles of dust.


Your own house ‘garden can also be a suitable place for LED projector installation. When choosing how to mount for best results, point the light to a beautiful flower, a shrub or a tree. You can also highlight the small and dark paths leading to the different parts of your garden.


LED flood lights around monuments and landmarks

In order to highlight the beauty of a monument, a statue or a landmark, it is good ideas to have the monument illuminated. For such a purpose, LED flood lights are extremely suitable and comfortable solution. In addition to its relatively easy installation, this type of lighting can purposefully illuminate a portion of the monument only which will highlight its distinctiveness and offer a wonderful style.


LED flood lights for scenes

Often, musical and theatrical scenes through which the audience can enjoy unforgettable performances will not be what they are if they didn’t used LED flood lights which illuminate everything that is happening. In addition to the huge flood light used to illuminate the brightest performers, there are also small projectors lit in different colors around the stage for better outlook of the scene.


LED flood lights for billboard illumination and advertisement

Big and tall commonly used billboards, usually light up very brightly in the evening to emphasize the advertisement shown on the board. In order to illuminate a large billboard, you can mount LED flood light directly on the roof of the build board or along its façade. The only thing which should be considered is a proper targeting to the billboard. By doing that, the entire ad slot will be evenly illuminated and visually comfortable for people to watch it.


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