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LED strips are a flexible, easy and convenient way to unleash our own imagination and change the whole interior of our home. With their help we can turn the boring living-room into a cozy and stylish room, and the dark kitchen into a welcoming and bright place for cooking. Thanks to their wide application, we can use LED strips to emphasize the different elements in our home. One of the ways to do this is to decorate the mirrors in our home with LED strips. We’ll give you tips how you can change the overall appearance of the bathroom, bedroom or the hallway for example.

How to decorate a mirror with LED strips?

Like any other decoration with LED strips, emphasizing the shape of a mirror is not particularly difficult and complex task. To begin with its implementation, first you need to purchase a movable mirror. You decide what shape it is – it does not matter whether you choose a round, square or rectangular mirror, it is only important that it fits perfectly to your vision. Of course, you should also consider which room of your home it is intended for.

Many people choose LED strips to emphasize not only the mirrors in the bathroom but also the shape of the countertop on which the sink is located. A very good solution is to illuminate the mirror in the hallway in your home – the light will add a sense of style and comfort when entering your home.

Regardless of the room you chose, start the procedure of improving the appearance of your mirror by turning it around so the opposite side faces you. To accentuate its shape it is necessary to secure the LED strip about three centimeters inside the edge of the mirror. Attach the luminaires well, going around the entire surface to ensure lighting from all sides.

LED mirror-1

After sticking the luminaires to the object, your next step is to supply electricity. Do this by welding power conductors to the strips. Be careful when adjusting the plus, minus and the colors of the wires. Connect the strips with the power and see the amazing result. You can also choose to use a dimmer.

LED mirror

The connection with the dimmer will be easy even for people who are not professional electricians. It is important to follow the colors of the two outgoing power cables. On the dimmer you will find an indication of where you need to connect each cable.
The black cable must be attached to the black clip and the red one – respectively to the red clip.

LED miror
In order to fully illuminate the object, select highly luminous LED strips. In this way you will be able to achieve extremely stylish effect of lighting the wall behind the mirror.
Match the color of the light emitted by the strips with the prevailing wall colors of the room. However, there are more colorful options, which you could choose – the 60 diode RGB models SMD5050.

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